TEJ: Should Gamers Be Prosecuted for Virtual Stealing? & Black Friday: Consumerism Minus Civilization

Should Gamers Be Prosecuted for Virtual Stealing?

  • Dutch Supreme court ruled vitreal items returned.  “Last week, the Dutch Supreme Court made a serious ruling: It convicted a teenage gamer of sealing something that doesn’t exist.” The judges ruled for the person who had an in-game item stolen from and had the person who stole the item return it because of the time spent on earning the item made it valuable.
  • In the game EVE buying the in-game currency will allow you become stronger faster. “EVE is one of the few MMOs that encourage players to use real money to purchase in-game currency, called ‘Isk,’ which in turn is used to build highly desirable objects in the virtual world.” The game EVE “encourages” players to use real money to buy items that will make them stronger.
  • In the game EVE, someone’s work was valued at 1,000 in real money. “At the time, the six years worth of play was valued at more than 1,000 in real money through EVE’s rather complicated financial system.” This is an example of how in-game items can be seen as value things in the real world.
  • It is dangerous to bring the real-world law into video games. “But attempting to bring the real-world law into virtual realms – and putting a monetary value on time spent immersed in a virtual world – seems dangerous.” It is dangerous because the law shouldn’t be focusing on such a small issue if no real money was lost.

I have played a few games that have required a lot of time to earn items but there a few games out there where players can steal items (in-game)  from another. Then there are some games where the player is able to spend real money on in-game items; most games allow this. But within these games players are not able to steal another player bought the item. I haven’t found a game that allows this but its possible for one to be out there. In that case, I see it necessary for the real-world law to come in but for games where in-game items were not paid for and just earned, there is no need for the real-world laws.

Black Friday: Consumerism Minus Civilization

Consumer strikes would result in layoffs and pay cuts and some financial problems for companies. “A general consumer strike would result in more layoffs and pay cuts and bankruptcies and foreclosures (NFGW, pg. 166). Companies will lose money but the real people who are losing more will be the employees.

Everyone is always trying to get last minute deals on their phones and by waiting in line for hours before stores open. “But there’s a point where healthy consumerism becomes out-of-control marketing driven commodity fetishism, and when… we are clearly too far gone” (NFGW, pg. 166).” When does the crazy need to get a sale stop? consumerism is being unhealthy.

200,000 Target employee signatures are proof that retailers are always trying to one-up others. “The nearly 200,000 signatures on part-time Target employee Anthony Hardwick’s petition to “Save Thanksgiving” is proof that… as dehumanizing and ridiculous” (NFGW, pg. 167). Target part-time employees are tired of working long hours because of the holidays.



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