TEJ: Developing a Research Plan

sA research project is complex, time-consuming and it’s helpful to have a plan before you even start. “Doing research is complex and time-consuming, so it’s good to establish a schedule for yourself… And so you’ll want to start by creating a timeline for getting all this work done…” It’s a good idea to create a plan before you start researching because researching is so complex. For example here’s a template that you can use from the book:


Consider the Rhetorical Situation. “As with any writing task, you need to start by considering your purpose your audience, and the rest of your rhetorical situation.” You need to find the projects purpose, audience, genre, stance on the topic, and the media you will use to present your information.

It’s helpful if you narrow your research topic down to a specific topic. “If you limit your topic, you can address it with specific information that you’ll be more easily able to find manage.” The more narrow your research topic is, the easier it will be for you to find specific information on your topic. You can narrow your topic by using specific key terms and limiting search results with databases.

Come up with a research question that fits your topic and answers it throughout your paper. “At some point, though you need to develop a research question-a specific question that you will then work to answer through your research.” To narrow your research question you can ask “why” at the end of your research question and answer it should give you an answer that allows you to narrow your question further. Doing this will help you with your thesis.

Also, remember to keep multiple drafts of your paper; creating a new copy each time your work on the previous draft. And keep track of all the sources you are using throughout your paper.





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